What is holistic counselling?

Holistic Counselling is an approach to counselling that helps to enable and enhance personal growth, healing and transformation. Holistic simply means whole, referring to the whole person rather than the symptoms. Holistic counselling offers individuals guidance and support in a safe and sacred space, to allow for healing and change to take place. As your counsellor, Felicity helps you to open to all levels of your life (emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and cognitive). Gentle and creative methods are used to help bring awareness and healing to your life and relationships.

Transpersonal counselling

Transpersonal Counselling is an approach to healing which encompasses mind, body, feelings and spirit on the path to moving through the ‘stuck’ places and destructive patterns that prevent us from living our life more fully. Transpersonal means beyond or through (trans) the personality (personal). Ultimately it focuses on developing a future that is soul-centred, authentic and meaningful. Felicity will help you to nurture and sustain this harmony, balance and new vision for your life. This is an experiential and creative approach to counselling which combines insights from both ancient and modern worlds. This method utilises shamanic counselling, art therapy, archetypes, body focusing and altered states of consciousness.

Why choose holistic counselling?

All individuals can benefit from holistic counselling. Today many people are looking for something more in their journey through life. There may be a sense of something missing or incomplete in our lives, relationships, communities and world. The loss of a deeper connection with self, others, the living earth and spirit. This loss of authentic connectedness is often the cause of personal dissatisfaction, loss of quality relationships, depression and addictions. When we feel like this, our inner being is calling for change. It may take a crisis, challenging times or simply an increasing sense of unease before we reach out for guidance and support.




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