Felicity Hay is a qualified holistic counsellor and life care practitioner. Since completing her studies in Australia in 2006, Felicity has travelled regularly to the Peruvian Amazon and Andes to work with various indigenous shamans, elders and communities, furthering her studies in shamanic healing and ecopsychology. This learning has become a way of life for her and she integrates the wisdom of these ancient traditions into her counselling practice. Felicity's holistic approach offers compassionate guidance to help you reconnect with your authentic self and to explore the true potential, purpose and joy in your life. In June 2012, Felicity relocated from Sydney to Darwin to work as a counsellor for a not-for-profit indigenous organisation.



Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care

Certificate of Holistic Life Coaching

Shamanic Counselling

Clinical Registrant of PACFA

{Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia}



Deep lasting holistic healing and 

spiritual growth happens in strange and mysterious ways




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